Not All Things Move Slowly

Reading Steen Steenson’s blog post The Revolution That Never Happened it states that people use technology different to how revolutionists predicted. I think this is a brilliant way of summing up predictions from over the years, although there are some things I cannot agree with throughout his post.

By saying online journalism is mainly written text and that multimedia, hypertext and interactivity are “rare” I can do nothing but completely disagree. I’m not sure what websites Steenson surfs but the majority of websites I view have lots of interactivity. Almost every website you go to has multimedia, hypertext and interactivity – otherwise why would you go to it? Websites need these to keep its readers.

Steenson also says “things move slowly…”. Things? What does that even mean? He says that after reading a book from 1925 it could have been written only 20 years ago, which is a fair statement to make. The word “things” however is too ambiguous – some “things” take off rapidly. He needs to say this.

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