Telling the News #everyoneisinvited

If I want to know about a story I look for the details, and how can I do that when I’m only given 140 characters? The rise of Twitter has suggested that established news organisations will lose some of their readers. I don’t think so.

Twitter is there to give the facts of a story, but more importantly to redirect you to the full piece. That’s it’s job. Likewise the figures showing the amount of tweets is just that – the amount of tweets. The majority of which may not even get read. In Nic Newman’s The Rise of Social Media and it’s Impact on Mainstream Journalism it is implied that readers choose to go to citizen journalists for information as opposed to reputable sources. Speaking for myself, although probably for many others, if I see a story on Twitter I don’t always believe it until I have visited a trusted website.

I think that social media is a positive for journalists. Yes it can sometimes take the attention off professional journalism, but the younger generation probably get all their news from Twitter and Facebook and in turn visit a reputable news website. As Nic Newman suggests in another piece of his, Mainstream Media and the role of the Internet, “tools” like Twitter and Facebook are a starting point for news stories, that are then developed elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Telling the News #everyoneisinvited

  1. gemcoleman says:

    I totally agree with you. When I am referencing my blog, I write a small piece on the title and what its about and then put a link to the whole piece. When I see other tweets doing this I already feel a sense of trust in what i’m reading because they have made reference to a piece of writing or information. Great Blog!

  2. Your spot on with this. When I get up in the morning I always look on my Twitter if there is a massive story outbreaking then I will go on a more official website such as BBC. Shows that we can get news off these social websites and their brlliant for this but they lead us to more official websites where we can get trusted news.

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