‘What do we mean by local?’

When people ask me if I think local newspapers are a dying breed I have to say yes. Yes I do think they are, and that’s because people want to earn money for what they do. They need to. Local newspapers are dying out as hyperlocal blogs are on the rise. These blogs are free, and give the information we would have once read in a paper, but faster, and probably with more detail through reader involvement (comments, images etc.).

For me a hyperlocal blog is made by someone who is interested in a local community and this interest removes the need and desire for lots of money generated from the website. As Richard Jones highlights in ‘What do we mean by local?‘ he set up his a website for his local community for personal reasons, not his drive for a huge pay cheque.

The idea that people set up websites and blogs locally will ensure that we maintain to receive local news. It does mean however that the local print papers will slowly disappear as the technology advances and more people become involved with the online revolution.

Also in the book ‘What do we mean by local?’, Ross Hawkes makes a true, and slightly disheartening, statement that people now feel closer to their online community than they do to their actual neighbours. And it’s true. We know more about people through online social media and news sources than we do by actually speaking to the people we live around.

It doesn’t surprise me local newspapers are dying. I like to read my local newspaper, the Northwich Guardian, but that’s only when it’s sat next to me at a relatives house or on a bus. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it – and that is exactly what the majority of people know think with the rise, the ease and the free nature of online news.

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